Social Issue

Solidarity with the antifascist Russians murdered

On the 24 of the past month of May they were two the attacks perpetrated on the part of fascist groups in the cities of Riazán and of Moscow. That ill-fated day, the names of Dmitry Kashitsyn and of Kostya Lunkin became a part of the increasingly more extensive list of victims of the fascism in Russia, that grows day after day with the complicity of the security Forces of the Russian State. In the city of Riazán, the antifascist youth Kostya Lunkin, 25-year-old, was assaulted to the doors of its own house the same day of its birthday.

The German government is mistaken

In Lithuania, a law prohíbe to speak publicly on the homosexuality. In France, there is denounce of bad deals to foreign people on the part of the police. In the Czech Republic, the children and girls gypsies have to go to schools for people with disability. In the United Kingdom, the antiterrorist fight is discriminatory with Moslem people that, from time to time, are persons under arrest illegally. All that happens in Europe, where millions of people are insulted, attacked and marginalized only by its appearance, religion, sexual identity or of kind.

World-wide conference on the climatic change

madre-tierra.jpg Considering that climate change represents a real threat to the existence of humanity, of living beings and our Mother Earth as we know it today;

Conferencia mundial de los pueblos sobre el cambio climático

madre-tierra.jpgEvo llama a Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climatico y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra


They have been thousands and thousands of cases silenced by this decree. The attitude of the Vatican one before these cases has been the cover-up, many clergymen violators would be able to have been imprisoned after to have committed a violation, but these monsters were protected by their superiors and instead of stepping the jail they were changed of parish, by which they continued violating other creatures with impunity.


zanon1_0.jpgBeloved companions and companions.
For whom do not know that is Zanon, I will comment you, that Zanon is the alive image of the utopia done reality, is a factory of ceramics autogestion by the own workers, if, as see is not impossible, as many businessmen say and fuck politician .

Since here, companions of Zanon, Ska-p sends you a strong revolutionary hug, and with a great smile of happiness we desire you all the force and luck of the world. You are an example to continue for many workers, please do of your triumph a road toward the final change of this planet garbage.

Health and liberty!!

ZANON ES DEL PUEBLO, Felicidades compañer@s.

zanon1_0.jpgQueridos compañeros y compañeras.

Para quien no sepáis que es Zanon, os comentaré, que Zanon es la viva imagen de la utopía hecha realidad, es una fábrica de cerámica autogestionada por los propios trabajadores, si, como veis no es imposible, como dicen muchos empresarios y politicuchos.

Desde acá, compañer@s de Zanon, Ska-p os manda un fuerte abrazo revolucionario, y con una gran sonrisa de felicidad os deseamos toda la fuerza y suerte del mundo. Sois un ejemplo a seguir para muchos trabajadores, por favor haced de vuestro triunfo un camino hacia el cambio definitivo de este planeta Eskoria.

Salud y libertad !!

Benetton and its lies

Benetton is expelling the Mapuches Indians from its earth, you are not created its marketing of pie against racism, they act of the most racist form against this one indigenous town.
It enters here and it leaves your opinion: