Ska-p was formed as band in 1994, at that time the lineup were:
Pulpul, lead voice and lead guitar.
Toni Escobar, guitar and chorus
Julio, bass
Kogote, keyboard and chorus
Pako, drums

After a few months of rehearsal SKA-P recorded their first cd called ska-p where they laid down their lyrical and the musical style. They played in many places all throughout Spain (Galicia, Almeria, Madrid, etc.) just for a few books and occasionally just for the expenses. Because they weren't’t popular at that time so they audience were small.

It happened that a song became hit, it was a song in support to the local football team El Rayo Vallecano, the team of the neighbor of Vallecas, where some members of the band live and hang out. This song will became a him for may and little by little they speeded the song throught other spots in the city and ultimately everybody knew that there was a band called ska-p with great lyrics that talks against bull faith, against political corruption, and promote anti racist claims. The band scaled a steep further by opening the concerts for Platero y Tu and Extremoduro, (two of the biggest bands at the moment). But a few things more had to happen before the band take off definitively.