This year, Toni Escobar, the lead guitar quit the band. In some cases it is hard to keep up with the day time job, the rehearsals, the family, and all the expenses that originate playing in a band that still does not generate money to help take care of your family.

After auditing several guitar players, the band decide to keep Joxemy from Larraga (Navarra). Perhaps he was the worst guitar player of all the candidates but it was not technical skills what they were looking for, but some one who will grasp the vibe of the band and make it of his own. At the same time Pipi became an official member of the band. Until then, Pipi appeared occasionally in the stage disguised in some themes and helped the band to load and unload the gear. From now on he will have to set up some routines more elaborated, something not to hard for him since he was always fun.

The band gave a concert at the same time the release of the second record. This puts them in a position of privilege in the musical scene of Spain, it happened at the 9th Vallecas Rock. From there on the people began to talk of Ska-p as a band that makes a great spectacle alive, with great songs and a guy that shows up in stage disguised and will not make anybody felt indifferent.