Therefore it they said my darlings and darlings camrades, already we are publishing the concerts of this year. The tour will begin in April or May and will finish in November. I would like to say, that after the tour of the 2,010 we will stop again to prepare a new CD, that is to say, that there will not be revolves 2,011 and possibly neither 2,012. Already you can see the new concerts here.


Vous êtes des dieux !!

Saint Nolfff une nouvelle fois magnifique !! Vivement votre retour en france et votre nouvelle album surtout !!


Incredible show!You guys are amazing!I couldnt imagine that you could be so damn good!All croud was jumping arround and all songs were performed excellently!!!!!!The greek audience really loved you!Hope to see you real soon!!!!SKA-P RULEZ

i saw ska-p last year at

i saw ska-p last year at thessaloniki and i hope see them soon !!!! I LOVE SKA-P!!!


Deberían vernir a Ottawa, Canada!!

Hacen falta conciertos como los de ustedes en estas tierras!

estados unidos

Hola amigos de ska-p, pues me encantaria que viniesen a estados unidos especialmente a arizona; un estado en el cual se ha aprovado una ley. La cual permite a los policias parar a una persona simplemente por el hecho de ser o parecer latinoamericanos y preguntarle por sus papeles, ademas es ilegal ser profesor y tener un accento al hablar el idioma ingles (el accento tiene que ser hispano) dado el caso que hay muchos surenos que tienen un accento en el ingles pero es un accento "Americano". Bueno de todas maneras me encantaria verlos y ademas seria muy bueno si cantasen "el imperio caera", "mestizaje", "tio sam" y muchas mas canciones de su repertorio. suerte ska-p y sigan asi con sus canciones las cuales le abren los ojos a muchos....


thank u!!! you are amazing,fantastic...i hope to see u again.....we love u!!!!!SKA P SKA P SKA P.....

thank you ska p !!

thank you ska p for the great live yesterday here in athens... it was really awesome once again...we are waiting for you for a new live !!

sete troppo toghi

es fantasticas las caras que se mueven

por favor!!

quiero ver un concierto en inglaterra! im learning at school, have lived on ska music all my life and ur brilliant :D xx

Diana from colombia

Please!!! medellin is waiting for us!! is the better city of Colombia.... ES UNA CHIMBA.... please come here

Makinas !!!

Soys los mejores.... me encanta vuestra musica. Yo soy de Vallekas, asi ke ojala vengais pronto x aki ke la peña os exa de menos.

Sergio Vk

arrive in Moscow

arrive in Moscow!

italian fan :D

i'm waiting yor in italy on 19th june! SKAAAAA

porfavor venir por

porfavor venir por aragon!!
teneis mogollon de fans x aki!!


Me encanta vuestra musika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salud y Libertad!!

One dream...

Unfortunately, I couldn't visit the last concert in Roll Hall (Russia)... i had to leave my country. But if you come to us again, it will be the best day in my life!!! And of course, the best day in lives of all your russian fans :)

I love you.

And I'm looking forward to your arrival! :)


We are waiting for you in Romania, in august 2010. Hope you'll come, although the concert was not announced on your site, yet.

Don't Stop...!!!

I have been at 2 of your Milano 1st & at Thessaloniki 2nd & of curse I'll be at Athens this year...
I want to tell that you have to think before you stop playing it is your saying important things to the people & you have a lot of people listening & has also the same ideas...!!!
And I believe that you have a lot to give to the new generations...because the period that we are living is very important with all that new-global-system-society from the international money controllers...!!!

Keep going-singing-playing-reminding to people the real important things....

cuando vienen a Guatemalaa?

cuando vienen a Guatemalaa?

Come back !!

Please SKA-P.
Come Back to Lyon !!
France need you :D

qe ay carnales!! soy de

qe ay carnales!!

soy de mexico y no saben como me emocione
cuando llegaron al conciierto del vive!!
fue de lo mejor!! lo unico qe les pido es que
no se olviden de mexico! y venis mas seguido
a mexico! no se olviden de nosotros!


De los estados unidos

Por favor vengan a los estados unidos! Donde sea, pero vengan. En Arizona acaban de pasar una ley racista. Deja que la policia pare a las personas que se miren hispanas para preguntarles por sus papeles. Solo les falta hacer una ley que haga a todos los hispanos criminales solo por ser hispanos. Por favor, necesitamos de su musica. "La union hace la fuerza"

Daniela de Arizona


come to Croatia ^^


Si....cuando van a venir a Croatia????????????? Antonija!!!!!!!!


I'm from Brooklyn but I heard Ska-P por primera vez live in Quito, Ecuador like 2 years ago and I thought you guys were amazing. How come you don't have any US Tour dates scheduled???......I mean you should at least come to the NYC......

:( Can't make it this year :(

I've been to ska-p concerts in Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Mexico. Unfortunalty I'm unable to make it to any concerts this year due to money problems :(

Special thanks to Joxemi for recording the video to my wife and son (in the Netherlands)

Bob, Ina & Little Joxemi

Visit Russia please =)

Visit Russia please =) Roll-hall concert was great!!!!!


Have You ever been to Poland? No?

Ska P Byli w Polsce

Zajebiste wydarzenie roku Ska P zawitali do Polski do Jarocina 16 lipca
Czekamy na ponowny koncert w 2011
zapraszamy Was
We are the best


Come to SERBIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come to Slovenia!!!!! :)

plz plz plz come to greece

plz plz plz come to greece again!!!




come again Thessaloniki pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
Greece is waiting for youuu we love youuu


El concierto en Salonica estuve maravilloso.Grecia os espera , teneis que venir este ano.
Vive la revolucion!!!

consierto los angeles

hola guachos espero que les valla bien con la muy buena honda que tiran siempre pero man aca en los angeles hay un gran grupo de ispanos que esperamos verlos
dejad el rencor aun lado y ven a tocarle a esta gente
un abrazo

Come on

We are waiting for you in Macedonia !


in this come again in greece plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ....

concert in autumn please

Hi, i'm 20 and it has been a long long time that me and my friends would like to see you in concert.
Now i saw the tour dates and i find out that you'll come in Italy in this summer (Padova, Milan), but we work on summer:-(, so i pray you (mmm wait, praying not allowed :-) asd) to have some other concerts in europe also in autumn, because if it's not i'm gonna be really depressed.

Orgulloso de estar entre el proletariado



heyy ..please come to italy again.. on rototom sunsplash, or to Slovenia- here it'll be also quite big festival ( riversplash) ..last year it was the best concert of my life and i can't wait to here you guys again :)

viva la revolucion!!

austriaaa :))

pleeease come to austria soon again :D
i miss you .. haha ;)


I may be the only one in sweden who learn spanish just to read your text but i can understand if you dont play here for me, but at least Germany so i can fly there to see you!!!

Then i could die happy!


We hope you in France again this summer (apart Bulligny on may 14).
There are big festivals waiting for you!

Please come say hello to your fans, and, of course, to Sarkozy and his Kärcher (he wood be so pleased with your absence... it's a good reason, isn' it?)!


Please in this tour came again in greece (thessalonikh if possible :) )

Please come in italy, if

Please come in italy, if possible in florence, also this year!!!!i've seen you at the live at milan, but i can't wait to see you another time!!!!!!!!

from Western Europe!

Me and my friends want you so much to come to Russia once again!

I was so happy to see you in Roll-Hall, and I miss you so much)

Please, come again! I love you with all my heart and soul))


please come back to belgium guys!! you were awesome!! I want to see you again!!
Maybe pukkelpop?


You guys rule!

Hello. I'm from Finland. Please come Northern Europe! We have lot of huge fans especially in Finland and we love to see your show in here someday! PLEASE!

Tour 2010

Will you go to Russia or Ukraine this year? I was on your concert in RollHall on the 14th of May and it was the best thing I`ve ever seen.
Greetings from Belarus! You have a little army of fans even there)


Hi guys...i'm from Greece (Athens) and i want to see you again!!!!!!!
why this year you are doing only 4 live???
please come again in greece.....we love you!!!


come to greece