Calling to a new revolution in France

sarkozy le pen

¿That is passing?, intends to repeat the history with so few years elapsed from World War Two. 
Sarkozy is expelling the gypsies of France, if, I speak of France, the country of the civil law, the French republic, that is to say, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY, you touch your fucking dick !!!!.  This small monster is utilizing the racial hatred to remove him votes to the already consecrated Fascist HIM EVEN, is deporting to collective and not to people, AND ¿because?, because they live in the but absolute misery without any opportunity of inclusion, her children do not receive any type of education and its greater do not work because nobody the contract.  Of course we are conscious that a problem exists, but thus itself is not solved.  Already many years ago a such Vlad the empalador said that he to would put an end to the poverty of his region, met to all the poor and burned him, him do not I be going to continue giving ideas monseur, that seen him seen you are capable of going buying gasoline. 
Where it is the European left?, of course in Spain not, Tough has drained the lump and has given wax to the French one justifying such racist action.  We are lost, in Europe there is not left. 
Therefore i would like to know that would think Hitler of a dark dwarf, with characteristics judios, darling president you give the perfect profile to be in a field of Nazi extermination, because highly and blonde are not.