They have been thousands and thousands of cases silenced by this decree. The attitude of the Vatican one before these cases has been the cover-up, many clergymen violators would be able to have been imprisoned after to have committed a violation, but these monsters were protected by their superiors and instead of stepping the jail they were changed of parish, by which they continued violating other creatures with impunity.

The current one Pope, Benedicto XVI, sends this report to all the diocese of the world and threat with the excommunication to all those that him comply not, the then cardinal Ratzinger, was a participant of the cover-up toward the violations of its religious colleagues. THE COVER-UP IS A CRIME.
We do not have anything against the people that happily continues a road toward a God, we respect him deeply, although him do not we understand. Please, to the ones that they have not seen the following documentary one, we ask them that they see it tranquilly and later they give us their opinion.



where millions of people are

where millions of people are insulted, 70-526 attacked and marginalized only by its appearance, religion, sexual identity or of kind. The European Union braindumps is discussing a Board of directors that would help to put an end to all those forms of discrimination, but the 70-515 German Government is opposed. You join with our campaign so that the German Government have a change of mind and support the Board of directors70-510

pedophila priests: the walls are tumbling down! FINALLY!!

Here in Canada, and in the USA, institutionalized pedophilia has been in place for over 100 years within the Indian Residential Schools (Canada) / Indian Boarding Schools (USA). In Australia, the same abuse took place in the 'schools' that were put in place to house the Indigenous Peoples of that land.
It goes beyond simple sexual abuse. It was emotional / physical / sexual deviant abuse that went on for years and years, without the ability of the child to escape the torment. The abuse often led to death, either on the part of the school staff member taking the life of a child, or of the child themself, taking their own life. MURDER and SUICIDE.

Our Canadian Government thinks that a simple apology, and a handful of money is supposed to heal the hurt. No one is going to jail over this. THAT is Another Crime!

Some film clips to see on You Tube:
Indian Residential Schools
UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide
Niigaanibaatowaad: Frontrunners
Muffins for Granny

Catholic Clergy Abuse
Deliver Us From Evil (some of this is on the video in the earlier response)
The Magdelene Sisters

Check out Kevin Annett's website:

Check out the paintings of Gary Miller, survivor of the Indian Residential School known as The Mush Hole, in Ontario, Canada - the first Indian Residential School in Canada (1832) - go to Facebook, search for "Mush Hole Remembered"!/group.php?gid=60736041003&ref=ts

Thank you, Gracias - for your song, and your lyrics ... I have posted them onto my Facebook page.

Carrie Lester

Very cool, I really liked

Very cool, I really liked that. Do you know of somewhere I can read more about it?.

film trailers about pedophile priests - english

Indian Residential Schools:
UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide - Trailer

Niigaanibatowaad: FrontRunners - Movie Trailer

Muffins For Granny trailer

Catholic Church Institutions:
Magdalene Sisters Part 1 of 12

Deliver Us From Evil - Film Trailer

Deliver Us from Evil - clips