Once but October 30 we open the doors of the factory to all the community. .....  In assembly the laborers and laborers of Zanon we vote in favor of carrying out a festival in the Ceramics next to the international group "SKA-P".  The festival will be on Saturday 30 of October (I gave of the and the ceramicists) in the playón of the factory.  The first encounter ceramicist with the musicians was in the year 2008, when they invited us and they yielded us the floor in a festival that carried out in Buenos Aires. 

 During these almost 10 years we advance in putting in production the factories, that closed the businessmen.  To stay standing the more than 600 genuine jobs in Neuquén and to put manufactures it to the service of the community.  This artistic day will be in endorsement to the managements working ceramicists.  
The industrious ceramicists, we resolved to charge a supportive entrance of 30$ so that thousands of youths of the region and the pies be able been present on Saturday 30 of October.  In two weeks approximately will be for sale the entrances in the region.  
Ska-p comes to touch jointly showing its commitment of fight with the workers of the world, this international group adds to the list of artists compromised that they have touched in the playón of it manufactures (Attack 77, The Hands of Filippi, White Rat, The Lame one, Lion Gieco).  
The recitals in Zanon, they are an I throw social very important, the art in it enjoys itself manufactures without bosses, where the security we do it between all and all and it but important is a space for the youth, to fortify the unit, to renew the commitment and to continue fighting for a company but just and a single free town and if borders.  

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