The German government is mistaken

In Lithuania, a law prohíbe to speak publicly on the homosexuality. In France, there is denounce of bad deals to foreign people on the part of the police. In the Czech Republic, the children and girls gypsies have to go to schools for people with disability. In the United Kingdom, the antiterrorist fight is discriminatory with Moslem people that, from time to time, are persons under arrest illegally. All that happens in Europe, where millions of people are insulted, attacked and marginalized only by its appearance, religion, sexual identity or of kind. The European Union is discussing a Board of directors that would help to put an end to all those forms of discrimination, but the German Government is opposed. You join with our campaign so that the German Government have a change of mind and support the Board of directors. So that all the people in Europe we can enjoy the same rights. Join with this petition, click here. With your aid, we can achieve it. We count with you? Esteban Beltrán Director Amnesty International Spain


gypsy in Czech

I have to say that what you said about gypsies in Czech Republic is not true at all and have to support other comments of people from Czech. They are not discriminated and their children are not taken to school for disability people because of the Goverment want's this but because they don't want to be educated, lots of gypsy children don't go to school at all because their parents don't care. They can hardly follow with other children if their parents don't care about them. They have usually more then 4 children (7-9 is quite common) and do you think they spend some time to help them with they school duties? Don't think so. I know very well what I'm talking about because my family lives in one of "ghetto" in Northern part of Czech Rep. Czech people are not racist they only don't like gypsies because they abuse the system of social benefits etc. They don't get job because simply they are not educated, and why are not educated? because it's a long history running in their families, if parents never finished grammar school how can you expect their children to go any further???
I love your music but you should check details first before writting such a bullshit:)
thanks Ivona

Hey guys! I'd like to

Hey guys!
I'd like to apologize for the german government, they are conservative and capitalist pigs! we're not all like that!
solidary regards from germany!

compañeros inconformes quiero

compañeros inconformes quiero 70-505 enviarles un saludo desde colombia a todos,,, todos los q ven que este sistema apesta que los dueños del 70-504 capital que robaron hace siglos a nuestros ancestros hoy carcoman a la humanidad, yo sienyo que la basura se respira que a href="">70-503 mucho de este sistema esta podrido pero quiero p4reguntarles si hubo alguien de una tendencia izquierda pero no socialista que alguna vez haya luchado con conciencia por la sociedad por un reparto mas justo de la riqueza

Gipsy issue in the Czech Republic

Hi guys,
What you were writing about the Czech Republic is really true. It is not only failure of Czech government but it is problem of whole Czech society because it is full of xenophobia, racism and discriminating practices (discriminating behavior patterns). It is case of a "self-fulfilling prophecy" - a prediction that causes itself to become true. In other words, a prophecy declared as truth when it is actually false may sufficiently influence people, either through fear or logical confusion, so that their reactions ultimately fulfill the once-false prophecy (a Robert K. Merton's concept which stems from the Thomas theorem, which states that "If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences"). To understand me - in the Czech Republic people interact with Gipsies with discriminationg tendencies, show them that they are stupid etc. that it actually causes the Gipsies accept this role.

Thank you very much for your texts, music, concerts and other activities.
I am looking forward to your next concert in the Czech republic:)


Gypsies in Czech

Hi Guys, What you are writing about Czech is misinterpreted non-sense and it is very sad. It is true, that some gypsies kids who are not slow or stupid are in schools for people with disability, however problem is not in racist discrimination by government but in gypsies parents. They do not care about their own kids, if they attend the classes or if they do their duties and homework etc. As result, gypsies kids discriminated by their own parents, they are not able to keep with others and on the end of the day they end up in ‘special’ schools. As I sad before, it is sad, bad error is not in government, but in gypsies themselves. I believe if they spend less time with shouting how bad governments behave to them and more time spend with their kids, this problem would mostly disappear. You should really check twice before you write and ‘advertise’ something like this. Good luck in future comments, Vlastimil, Czech Republic

Whenever you want to decide on a designer move-spun1

Whenever you want to decide on a designer move-spun1


Ahoj! Tak si čtu článek. Určitě je špatné, že se v Litvě nesmí veřejně mluvit o homosexualitě atd... Ale zaujala mě věc, která se mě týká. Jsem z České Republiky, řek bych to takto. Cikáni jsou zařazováni do speciálních škol ne protože jsou cikáni, ale proto, že nezvládají v 6ti letech přímací zkoušky do základních škol! A pokud se vám stále nabízí otázka diskriminace. V České Republice žije spousta jiných menčin a národností. Ukrajinci, Rusové, Vietnamci, Mongolové. Jejich děti zvládají naprosto perfektně přímací řízení na základní školy, takže čím to bude, že cikáncké děti jsou přímány do speciálních škol??? Aleš Malík

¡FELICIDADES¡ SKA-P espero y les agrde esta idea

pulpul, luismi julio joxemi kogote pipi y de mas soy un gran fan suyo son los mejores
los quiero felicitar por todo su esfuerzo por sus videos dicos albumes y mas es bueno saber que hay bandas que ablan de la verdad komo ustedes son la banda mas chingona (buena) del ska digo hay bandas muy buenas como panteon rococo, tijuana ¡NO¡, la maldita vecindad, cafe tacuva y de mas
pero ustedes son los mejores que me han llegado a inpactar que musica ustedes son los mejores en la musica digo hablan de la verdad
porque sabian que 12000 toros mueren al año en las "CORRIDAS" son unas estupideces
me gustaria que hicieranuna cancion sobre la edad media digo no como wild spain sino como eran esas epocas, como eran los verdugos, sus castigos porque si ellos no hablaban de la verdad los castigaban con un potro arranca testiculos o la cigueña o las mujeres que se tenian que poner proteccion para ke no las violaran ke raro pero quisiera que la tomaran como una opcion para su nuevo album si se puede verdad
bueno con esta me despido
atte: un servidor: Hansel Aguilar Gomez
de puta madre en español
Gracias y felicidades por su esfuerzo

Czech ??


what you wrote about Czech Republic is NOT true!