The last February 25th , a very special night. together we go on board towards GAZA.


 All  was perfect, it was a unforgettable concert.
The first i would like to be grateful to the whole people who attend and collaborated with us , by the way , you were a lot..
The people from organization were very happy by the response of you concern about the Palestinian , they told us we had gathered 
 1/ 3  cash to charter a ship.
Dont forget that  this was the first of the many concerts we are going to celebrate by the whole country....
Against authority, Palestina shall win!!!
 You Are big comrades.
Thank you very much for being there!!




Did you guys tell them your contempt of any religion? Did you speak about the non-existence of god you sing about? Did you mention them the translations of your lyrics about the sticky delusion called religion (including their faith in their Allah)? for for palestine

our support from Indonesia.....

good luck ska p

im saiful from malaysia and i hope Palestin will survive...and tq ska p for your fight