Since I was a child I felt myself attracted to the music, I had my parents always giving me various instruments and encouraging me towards the music. I will always thank them for that.

In 1985 I had my summer vacations in a small village on the province of Cuenca ycalled Cuevas de Velasco, it was then when I took the decission to learn how to play the guitar during the up coming winter. After all I spent all these summer days listening my friend Dany (Malaga) playin the guitar. When I returned to my hometown, Madrid, I had a little money that I’d managed to save working in a iron mill, so I bough a electric guitar, an imatation of the Fender Stratocaster. Sun afterwards I found myself playin in a rok band called Doberman from my neigthgoro (Orcasitas). I had a great time playin in that band.

Whay I’d droped the gitarr and started to play the drums? The thing is, the drummer in the band quit an I though it was cool to play the drums my self. Dicho y echo. There was a problem, I had no dums set, but soon after I got enough money to buy what will become my passport to freedom.The drums gave me the freedom to improvise. Since then I had never stop playin with bands. I like to have a place where spend the evenings playin and having fun with my budies.

I never spent money to learn to play, I m a self taught, but I was looky to have friend that were great droomers, like Jose Galicia (Gali), who passed this year because of a serious illnes. He lef some of his soul in all of os who were looky to mee him, Victor Monje (son), and so.

My experience as musician tought me that we must make an effor for the thigs we love. If you belive in something you must pursue it with your hear and carry it on until the end of its consequeces.

Through these line I hope you knoy me a litter more, an I want to let you know you that here you have a friend.

Thank you all.