One finished

It was finished Like already you know, the tour "LAGRIMAS y GOZOS" was finished, have been 2 very intense years and a half, we have play  in many countries and the certain thing is that I am very I happy because the band continues growing and being expanded for the world, our messages are listened for thousands of people and they do notch in the conscience of many youths.  As already you know, the large mass media avoid us, they do not want to know anything of us and in some cases, they censure us, but our followers each day they are more.  THOUSAND THANKS TO ALL.  
On the other hand a sensation arrives of empty that produces certain sadness, we have collected the localities of trial and we have remained in calling us but ahead, but this time all we know that is not an indefinite stop, we know that they have stopped the motors so that plots function it better tomorrow.  
It have been 2 years and a half of very good feeling in all the senses, the band is but united that never.  Now it touches to rest a season and in some months to make a new CD.  We will begin to compose at home tranquilly, without pressure of nobody, to be able to share with yours all our emotions and feelings in the shape of song.  
To all the people that has responded to our concerts and to the ones that they listen us and they have not been able to respond for the motive that be.  We LOVE YOU.  
Health and liberty!!  




Hope see you on the Gurtenfestival in Switzerland again very soon!!!!
Have all of you a good time and enjoy the silence before start recording
the new CD! I'm looking forward to hear something of you


Hello from the United States!

I love you guys, your message is great! You should definitely stop off in America on your next tour, we could use some good ska here!




Moscow awaits you again! We very miss you since your last visit in may 2009!!!

Salute e liberta!


P.S. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!


I love you.... the date of the new CD?Sorry for my bad english....i'm french ;)


le nouvel album?? ils avaient dit 2012, moi j'ai trop hate!!!!

Ven a Polonia!

Muchas gracias por todo, pero usted debe ir a POLONIAA! :)

let's go to Russia!!!!!!!

let's go to Russia!!!!!!! Saint-Petersburg welcome you!

Athens Rockwave 2010 was greate

We hope to see you soon again in Greece.

We really need you in Poland!

We really need you in Poland! Please, visit us as soon as possible! <3


Chicos de Ska-p y seguidores, gente con ideales y necesidad de un cambio radical de la sociedad en que vivimos; les recomiendo un documental que ya fue visto por miles de personas alrededor del mundo y que trata sobre el cambio a un mundo NO capitalista basado en la Economía de Recursos. Una idea interesante que se convirtio en un Movimiento Mundial de gente que exige igualdad entre los individuos y respeto a la naturaleza.

A disfrutar...

Si les intereso, vean Zeigeist y Zeitgeist Addendum, los dos primeros documentales!
Espero sus comentarios!

Claudia desde Argentina


We had the luck to see 4 fantastical concerts here in Germany. Thanks for that, thanks for the music, the lyrics, your political and social engagement, the fight for the rights of the animals- so please don't give up!!
Now we're lookong forward to the new CD...
We wish all of you an very nice relaxing time.

Andrea y Michelle

hola... i´m from czech

hola... i´m from czech republic, and i was at both concerts in our country and you were amazing.. more and more my friends want to see you,so i hope that you will come to us again :) .. but i don´t know, why you don´t play some songs from oldest album ska-p 1994 ... please come to czech republic and play any song from this album .. good luck and sorry my english :) hasta pronto