alto_pulpul.jpgThey call me PULPUL, but my name is Roberto. I did not grow in up Vallecas contrary to popular belief. I was born in Madrid, and I grew up in a poor neighbourhood called BELMONTE, a source of great memories of my boyhood. We did not have much money in our house, but I would not change anything of my infancy, I had the best parents in the world, the best pals and even great neighbours. Indeed, I had everything but money. I have a lot to thank the people of Vallecas for.

My musical inclinations began at the age of 12. I amaze like a dwarf with the music of the Leño. Later came Barricade, LA POLLA, Kortatu e.g... I made the decision to learn how to play an instrument. First I asked my mother for a drum set, but there was no money at home for such a luxury. Some how I was able buy myself an electric guitar, a arrow shaped Talmus heavier than death, but for me it was a motherfucker of a guitar. I spent all fucking day playing the guitar, learning the songs of Leño, Eskorbuto and above all LA POLLA RECORDS. Later Pipi bought another guitar and together with PONY, GELETE and CARLOS, we began to compose our own songs. At the time we used Pipi's father's workplace to rehearse until we got thrown out because the ceiling started cracking.

When I was 18 I played and sang in a group called EROTICA, founded by Carlos, Javi, Benja and myself, and the truth is that we did pretty well, we won two contests, "Village of Vallecas" and "Contest of young musicians of Ciudad Lineal" . (A HUG TO CARLOS, BENJA AND JAVI).

Later I began to sing in different bands, almost all of them were hard rock bands, and for a while I was even a soloist singer, but frankly, that did not convince me at all. I did like the punk Rocker of LA POLLA, the combative ska of Kortatu, and the realistic lyrics and commitment that speak truths like fists, the fucking truth which always scandalize people when they hear it. Finally, Pakito, Toni, Kogote, Julio and myself made the decision to form a ska combative band, we called it SKA-P. (the name was Pakito's idea).

I took two songs to our local rehearsal to play, one of them was very important for the beginnings of the band, "LIKE A RAY", a song dedicated to fans of a football team, El Rayo Vallecano. That became a great success, in the first place because it was a hell of fun for all of us, and in the second place, and more importantly, because we believed in it, we were not pretending.

I fell lucky for doing what I like to do and I make my beans with it, what else can you ask for?. I'm antifascist and antiracist. I have a great respect for animals, so I don't eat them. You shouldn't eat meat, you will gain physical health and moral health as well.I won't keep telling you more about the band, you can read more about it in the History section but I would like to tell you just one more thing:I have the joy of a little girl, she is the greatest thing that's happened in my life.

We will see ourselves the in stages.

Best wishes