Solidarity with the antifascist Russians murdered

On the 24 of the past month of May they were two the attacks perpetrated on the part of fascist groups in the cities of Riazán and of Moscow. That ill-fated day, the names of Dmitry Kashitsyn and of Kostya Lunkin became a part of the increasingly more extensive list of victims of the fascism in Russia, that grows day after day with the complicity of the security Forces of the Russian State. In the city of Riazán, the antifascist youth Kostya Lunkin, 25-year-old, was assaulted to the doors of its own house the same day of its birthday. The numerical superiority of its assailants impeded him to repel the aggression and was a victim of a hard beating that finished fracturing him the skull, due to which he entered state of coma of the one that never he would come to awake. Pass away seven days later on account of its injuries. Despite that two '' supposed'' participating of the murder were persons under arrest and recognized by the witnesses of the aggression, were positions at liberty the next day. On the other hand, Dmitry Kashitsyn, of 27 years, and their group of friends, they celebrated that same day 24 the birthday of one of them to the northwest of the city of Moscow. Without subject to notice, a group of some 40 Fascists, armed with guns of blank and knives, they attacked to the small group that still continued in the celebration. Said clash was settled with the death of Dmitry, that passed away before the Police was witnessed and the sanitary services. After a few days, also its father pass away due to a heart attack. He is a matter of two new murders in a country where the aggressions of racist character against immigrants, antifascist militants, youths of determined esthetics or indigent are increasingly more recurrent. Only in the period that occupies since the year 2003 to the 2008, they were murdered more than 300 people by hand of these groups, being in very few detained occasions the participants in these facts. The Russian Police has shown of clear form their complicity toward these groups extreme right-wingers, that act with practical impunity, organized in paramilitary structures that include military training and armament. These infamous facts, occurred in the bowels of the country that was the main maker of the rout of the Nazi-fascism during World War Two, they do that be more fundamental than never recover the spirit of May 9, Day of the Victory. The names of Dmitry and of Kostya they have passed to be next to the of those that in the past they gave their life fighting against the Germany Hitlerian, and also next to those of Alexander Rukhin, Alexey Krylov, Stanislav Markelov, Anastasia Baburova, Iván Khutorskoy, together to that of our companion Carlos Palomino, and together to that of other so many people that were victims of the bloodthirsty fascism. That their names are never forgot! DMITRY, BROTHER, NOSOTR@S do NOT we FORGET KOSTYA, BROTHER, NOSOTR@S do NOT we FORGET They will not pass. Madrid, June 18, 2010 ANTIFASCIST ORGANIZER OF MADRID Ska-p adds to this communiqué and we make public our but energetic condemnation to the fascism, come of where come. Other actions in solidarity with the antifascist Russians murdered: Antifascist organizer of Madrid


Thank you!

Thank you very much guys from Russia for the solidarity! You are really cool!!! We love your music and will be happy to visit your concert in St-Petersburg one day!