zanon1_0.jpgBeloved companions and companions.
For whom do not know that is Zanon, I will comment you, that Zanon is the alive image of the utopia done reality, is a factory of ceramics autogestion by the own workers, if, as see is not impossible, as many businessmen say and fuck politician .

Since here, companions of Zanon, Ska-p sends you a strong revolutionary hug, and with a great smile of happiness we desire you all the force and luck of the world. You are an example to continue for many workers, please do of your triumph a road toward the final change of this planet garbage.

Health and liberty!!


After 9 years of fight we manage to start the final expropriation of our factory. This road traveled through by the laborers and laborers of Zanon had not been possible without before to have started to the union bureaucracy our union representations
First in the year 1998 we recover our internal commission to fight against the dismissals, bad deals, humiliations and by conditions of security and hygien, against the cop functionality, by our salaries etc., but above all for establish a new form of work: the direct democracy in order then in the year 2000 to recover our union and to put it to the service the workers.

In these almost nine years has passed a lot of water under the bridge, we value deeply the support that have received in these years of fight. Since the community of Centennial, Neuquén, Plottier, etc., that at the end of the 2001 they approached with a package of noodles to the tents that we maintained during 5 months, to the internal of the unit n° 11 that is found to meters of the factory that during 3 days they donated their rations of food so that we can resist.
The Mothers of Plaza of May regional Neuquén, that since the first day they adopted us as their children and the streets next to us to the present time walk, resisting next to each one of us 5 eviction orders, repressions, threats. The companions and educational companions to TIE companions of the CTA Nqn. To the solidarity to national and international level of companions that never we knew and that knowing about our fight they sent us fund of strike to resist.
Also we learned to be supportive with other workers creating a Fund of permanent Strike, we prompt that the coordination is fundamental for the triumph of the working fights.- Since the miners of Murky River, Tankers of Them Wound, state and workers of factories of Nqn and Black River, Garrahan Subterranean, Aeronautic, Railway, to movements of idle workers of Tartagal and scores of factories recovered.-
Since a start we open the factory to the community, receiving to thousands of children and adults so that know our experience of fight.- we Consolidate the so much student working unit with the secondary youths as with the university companions that had and has its expression in the framework
agreement of contribution with the University.

We carry out musical festivals without police officers, with regional artists and national groups as The Lame one, Attaque 77, Bersuit Vergarabat, Lion Gieco, Raly Barrionuevo, Duet Coplanacus, among others, they supported our fight leaving their art and solidarity with the laborers and laborers of Zanon, expressed in the community of Neuquén.
Our fight always was based on the practice of the class struggle, identifying to the governments, the managements and the union bureaucracies as the enemy of the workers. This experience that build along these years and with enormous consensus that has our fight in the province, to national and international level did that we could twist the political will of the Provincial Government of the MPN, and they had that to prompt and to vote the government bill of expropriation.
We consider that this conquest that have achieved the assembly of the industrious class has an enormous value, that this government that today votes for the expropriation of Zanon low working management is the same one that murdered to Teresa Rodriguez, the same one that repressed us the laborers / you of Zanon at the end of the 2001 and wanted to oust us 5 times, the same one that executed and emptied the eye to Our companion ceramicist Pepe Alveal in the repression of the Neighborhood San Lorenzo, the same one that the companion murdered us Carlos Fuentealba and the same one that today speaks of social peace when in these moments of world economic crisis the businessmen and their governments declare us the war with dismissals, salaries of hunger, etc.
The schools and hospitals are emptied and of the only public work that speak is the construction of jails to enclose to ours young, while each day scores of families in fires of its precarious booths in them die you take. By this is that in spite of the enormous conquest that we have achieved, in a context of international economic crisis, starting them the expropriation to this government, what has an a lot greater value, since the working management of Zanon and the Union Ceramicists of Neuquén, we are convinced that our fight has not finished, because as since the first day we consider that the salvation is not individual but of the assembly of The hard-working class.
Companions and companions, to all and all the ones that of any way have been part, they have contributed their grain of sand: we share the happiness of this great step!! To the companions that still look at incredulous, such you see fearful, perhaps skeptical, we invite them to be part of this history that is not neither more neither less than to contribute a grain of sand in the transformation of the reality and to take up again the dream of ours 30 thousand companions: a company without operators neither exploite¡¡


Working laborers of Zanon-Union Ceramicists of Neuquén

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