In this period of time the band goes on tour around the country, playing in festivals and big musical events. Also they responded to a call from the other side of the Pyrenees to participate in a festival and make a tour thought the south west of France. To their astonishment in all their concets attended a multitude of french singing all their songs.


Ska-p was formed as band in 1994, at that time the lineup were:
Pulpul, lead voice and lead guitar.
Toni Escobar, guitar and chorus
Julio, bass
Kogote, keyboard and chorus
Pako, drums


This year, Toni Escobar, the lead guitar quit the band. In some cases it is hard to keep up with the day time job, the rehearsals, the family, and all the expenses that originate playing in a band that still does not generate money to help take care of your family.


This year Ska-p released a new cd “Planeta Eskoria”. In this release the band toughen their sound and the show gets more serious without losing the humor, irony and the rivindicative character of the band. Now their tours includes France, Italy, Swiss, and Spain.

In 2002 the band release the 5th albums “Que Corra la Voz”, this is perhaps the record more complete of the band. The member considered this release as the one that best represent the character of the band. This release includes everything, hard beat, lots of humor, irony and well worked lyrics.


A new record is released called INCONTROLABLE. This release includes sixteen song recorded alive in concerts thorough Europe and a DVD with thirteen songs recorded in Nion (Suiss) and Paris (France). The DVD also includes Video clips and images of the band in their last tour. Greetings.


An awful year.

A year in which we have decided to stop. will it be forever?, we just don't know, but we need to pause.

Unfortunately, the music we've already written won't be released (yet), in order for us to rest, spend time with family and friends, and work on some solo projects you'll soon be able to listen to.

Nobody in Ska-p has said that we will not return to the scenes in one, two, or six years, maybe that's what will happen. Only time will tell.

All the best.