You look at as the human rights in Spain are respected, Cuban!!!!

Cuban, to see if you learn to respect the human rights, like they are respected in the democratic parliamentary monarchy of Spain


lucrecia_0. They are hundreds and hundreds of mail the ones that ask us who was LUCRECIA, the protagonist of the song number 11 of PLANET ESKORIA. Since it but deep of our bowels we repudiate to all these racism murderous, to this rabble that is dedicated to strike, to humiliate or to murder to the most disadvantaged, to these fanatics that have a serious problem by memory, since they have managed to forget that but of 2.000.000 of Spanish people they had to emigrate to other countries seeking aid.

Answer to the G-20


Good, another summit, another answer of "the vandals" against, those that are despised for the massive mass media, those that they do not have another better thing than doing that to be going to break everything that they be able. From here, we want to thank of every heart to all the companions and companions that, again, they have gone out into the street offering their time, their liberty, their blood.



¿What economic interests move behind the swine flue?

In the world, each year two million people victims of the malaria , that would be able to prevent with a mosquito net.

And the news(tv,newspaper..) do not say anything of this.

In the world, each year die two million children and girls ,they die of diarrhea, that would be able to cure with an oral serum of 25 cents.

And the news(tv,newspaper..) do not say anything of this.

Measles, pneumonia, curable illnesses with cheap vaccines, they cause the death of ten million people in the world each year.

And the news(Tv,newspaper..) do not report anything…

Interviu to Marcos

What is going on in Chiapas?

¿In what conditions are now the indígenas?

When Marcos talks, the time stops, this is for respect and admiration to the people.


zapatista link:

¿You need a good friend?

The nights are very hard for these small puppies, have closed the shelter and need a good friend who helps contact them: Mónica, 629-27-82-38


ilegalizaciónWe must begin to change putas laws with respect to the consumption of Cannabis, we think that, as beginning must regularize some repressive norms towards which it wants to consume.
The Legalization is the only solution to the real problem that produces drugs.

If you agree, signs:: Ley Corcuera