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No Relax new cd.

Joxemi`s  second band  No Relax which share by Micky since 2003 ,is calling "ANIMALibre" , also Julio is playing this time during the stoppage for two years whith Ska-p.
This cd have 13 songs and 3 of them singing in Italian, right now the cd is out in Spain, France , Argentina and Chile but next setember is going to be released en Italia too.

Video Clip del Niño Mandarina


Well, I wonder whether you still remember NIÑO MANDARINA, the Rock'n Roll trio produced by Tony Lopez and Marisa Martin.

I collaborated with them in one of their songs, "Juliembre"


MORE GIGS!!! Whats up my friends! This communiqué is to report you that there will be but concerts for this year, they lack some concerts in Spain and European cities and of course a skapada to Latin America for ends of year. According to they go closing we will go them publishing. Please, us do not ask through e-mails where these concerts will be done, we will go them publishing. Libertarian hugs Ska-p

Solidarity with the antifascist Russians murdered

On the 24 of the past month of May they were two the attacks perpetrated on the part of fascist groups in the cities of Riazán and of Moscow. That ill-fated day, the names of Dmitry Kashitsyn and of Kostya Lunkin became a part of the increasingly more extensive list of victims of the fascism in Russia, that grows day after day with the complicity of the security Forces of the Russian State. In the city of Riazán, the antifascist youth Kostya Lunkin, 25-year-old, was assaulted to the doors of its own house the same day of its birthday.

The German government is mistaken

In Lithuania, a law prohíbe to speak publicly on the homosexuality. In France, there is denounce of bad deals to foreign people on the part of the police. In the Czech Republic, the children and girls gypsies have to go to schools for people with disability. In the United Kingdom, the antiterrorist fight is discriminatory with Moslem people that, from time to time, are persons under arrest illegally. All that happens in Europe, where millions of people are insulted, attacked and marginalized only by its appearance, religion, sexual identity or of kind.

The winners of the contest of Videos

pulpultu_1.jpg first place we want to give you the thanks by the hundreds of videos that you have sent us, of every heart, many thanks to tod@s, unfortunately alone they won 3, but in the end the group we have us placed in agreement so that they be 4, already know, for inclinations the colors. To the winners, to tell you that we will put us in contact with you and already you know, we see us in all the concerts that you wants of this tour, to you and to your companion. Again, thousand thanks to all the ones that you have collaborated, these are the 4 winning videos.

You look at as the human rights in Spain are respected, Cuban!!!!

Cuban, to see if you learn to respect the human rights, like they are respected in the democratic parliamentary monarchy of Spain

It forces Chile!!!

chile.jpg Terrible images the ones that arrive from us Chile. We know that are very difficult moments and therefore we want to send a message of spirit to the Chilean population, to the ones that they have lost someone of the family or to some friend, to the ones that they have remained in the street without absolutely nothing, FORCE CHILE. Ska-p

World-wide conference on the climatic change

madre-tierra.jpg Considering that climate change represents a real threat to the existence of humanity, of living beings and our Mother Earth as we know it today;

Haití and USA

haiti3a_1.gif It is impressive like the world before this catastrophe has reacted, the humane aid is very high, but them does not finish to arrive the Haitians, the ports and airports are being directed for the military forces of the United States. Because the international aid these gentlemen they have to administer it?. So that is it UN?. Because not pair to arrive soldiers and American warships to Haiti?. In some days the reporters, medical, firemen, voluntary etc..


lucrecia_0. They are hundreds and hundreds of mail the ones that ask us who was LUCRECIA, the protagonist of the song number 11 of PLANET ESKORIA. Since it but deep of our bowels we repudiate to all these racism murderous, to this rabble that is dedicated to strike, to humiliate or to murder to the most disadvantaged, to these fanatics that have a serious problem by memory, since they have managed to forget that but of 2.000.000 of Spanish people they had to emigrate to other countries seeking aid.



loreal, a cosmetic leading company, doesn´t have any consideration for its employees, and with a slogan as well-known as hypocritical and pretentious ‘because I´m worth it’, it uses it in such a cynical and arrogant way with its employees, and displaying a false ethical which it´s selling all over the world ‘ porque yo lo valgo ’ devotes itself to disguise its ambition with a ‘perfumed’ labour force adjustment plan.

Here, you declare you on the revolution bolivariana!

images-1.jpeg Good, therefore as i do not like that nobody remain censured and we are always willing to listen, here if you can count freely your opinion on the revolutionary process in Venezuela. We have had that to erase many comments (in against and to favor) in the news on the cancellation of the concert in Caracas since only we wanted to report of the because of the cancellation.

Niño Mandarina, New CD.

utpmpa_1.jpgNIÑO MANDARINA is a Rock & Roll trio formed by Peter (vocals, guitar and bass), Isma (vocals, guitar and bass) and Ritxi Mandarin (drums). The band was born in Vallekas in 2005 and from the beginning they released songs composed in the rehearsal room under the only premise of having a good time, doing rock & roll and playing as much as possible.
After an extensive tour playing their previous work "Comerte a bocados" which they brought to most part of the country, and even further its borders, they release a new album, an ambitious project they wanted to call "Juliembre”.


They have been thousands and thousands of cases silenced by this decree. The attitude of the Vatican one before these cases has been the cover-up, many clergymen violators would be able to have been imprisoned after to have committed a violation, but these monsters were protected by their superiors and instead of stepping the jail they were changed of parish, by which they continued violating other creatures with impunity.

Jairo and the visit to the Congress of the Representatives

My Name is Jairo and I´m from Santander


It does little, I was next to my school to do a visit to the Congress of the Representatives, in Madrid. As that same day was going to visit also the royal palace, I decided to dress an t-shirt with the republican


zanon1_0.jpgBeloved companions and companions.
For whom do not know that is Zanon, I will comment you, that Zanon is the alive image of the utopia done reality, is a factory of ceramics autogestion by the own workers, if, as see is not impossible, as many businessmen say and fuck politician .

Since here, companions of Zanon, Ska-p sends you a strong revolutionary hug, and with a great smile of happiness we desire you all the force and luck of the world. You are an example to continue for many workers, please do of your triumph a road toward the final change of this planet garbage.

Health and liberty!!

Justice for Carlos Palomino!


María Victory Muñoz "Mavi", mother of Carlos Palomino "many lies on the death of my son have been said"

María Victory Muñoz "Mavi"... "The images will serve so that the company know the truth".

"Many lies on the death of my son have been said".


Answer to the G-20


Good, another summit, another answer of "the vandals" against, those that are despised for the massive mass media, those that they do not have another better thing than doing that to be going to break everything that they be able. From here, we want to thank of every heart to all the companions and companions that, again, they have gone out into the street offering their time, their liberty, their blood.

They begin the parties, already smells of innocent blood

tordesillas-2000_0.jpg Already the good weather comes, before long they will begin the popular festivals in many localities of the Iberian peninsula, thousands and thousands of animals will be utilized so that the sadistic same old they enjoy with their suffering and death.

Did you remember yourself do not silence?


Many and many we feel indignation when the leader of the Spanish state, with face of frightened, suggested to Hugo Chávez that silenced in full summit, many mass media gave the news as somewhat funny, ridiculing to Chávez and trasformando to the king of Spain in a Hero by their patriotic bravery.
Why it called constantly Chávez fascist to Aznar?, ¿had motives for it? I would like that visualized this video because is going to clarify you many things.



¿What economic interests move behind the swine flue?

In the world, each year two million people victims of the malaria , that would be able to prevent with a mosquito net.

And the news(tv,newspaper..) do not say anything of this.

In the world, each year die two million children and girls ,they die of diarrhea, that would be able to cure with an oral serum of 25 cents.

And the news(tv,newspaper..) do not say anything of this.

Measles, pneumonia, curable illnesses with cheap vaccines, they cause the death of ten million people in the world each year.

And the news(Tv,newspaper..) do not report anything…


This Sardinian skater, besides being a great skater is really very good kid. We knew him in the airport and he is every amiability and sympathy. Besides, it is great follower of Ska-p, like you can verify.

Interviu to Marcos

What is going on in Chiapas?

¿In what conditions are now the indígenas?

When Marcos talks, the time stops, this is for respect and admiration to the people.

zapatista link:

¿You need a good friend?

The nights are very hard for these small puppies, have closed the shelter and need a good friend who helps contact them: Mónica, 629-27-82-38

Benetton and its lies

Benetton is expelling the Mapuches Indians from its earth, you are not created its marketing of pie against racism, they act of the most racist form against this one indigenous town.
It enters here and it leaves your opinion:

No Pascua Lama

Project LICKS Situation:

In the recording studio

Ska-p in the recording studios working on their new work wichi will be release on october of this year.


ilegalizaciónWe must begin to change putas laws with respect to the consumption of Cannabis, we think that, as beginning must regularize some repressive norms towards which it wants to consume.
The Legalization is the only solution to the real problem that produces drugs.

If you agree, signs:: Ley Corcuera



Hello friends

We can confirm our return. As I told, during the first months of the year, we should decide if the rehearsals worked well or not. The reality is that we were very excited with the return, the relationship between us is very good and all is running.
We are preparing 12 new songs for our 7th album and we`re very excited with the new compositions. There will be a little bit of everything as ever with our way to write songs, diversity.