The dates of our the new tour are already publicize in our web site.y.


You can  see our first concerts already  , please click in  "tour" .
We will make public the next dates step by step.

greetings my friends.    ""




The winners of the contest of Videos

pulpultu_1.jpg first place we want to give you the thanks by the hundreds of videos that you have sent us, of every heart, many thanks to tod@s, unfortunately alone they won 3, but in the end the group we have us placed in agreement so that they be 4, already know, for inclinations the colors. To the winners, to tell you that we will put us in contact with you and already you know, we see us in all the concerts that you wants of this tour, to you and to your companion. Again, thousand thanks to all the ones that you have collaborated, these are the 4 winning videos.

No Relax new cd.

Joxemi`s  second band  No Relax which share by Micky since 2003 ,is calling "ANIMALibre" , also Julio is playing this time during the stoppage for two years whith Ska-p.
This cd have 13 songs and 3 of them singing in Italian, right now the cd is out in Spain, France , Argentina and Chile but next setember is going to be released en Italia too.

It forces Chile!!!

chile.jpg Terrible images the ones that arrive from us Chile. We know that are very difficult moments and therefore we want to send a message of spirit to the Chilean population, to the ones that they have lost someone of the family or to some friend, to the ones that they have remained in the street without absolutely nothing, FORCE CHILE. Ska-p

They begin the parties, already smells of innocent blood

tordesillas-2000_0.jpg Already the good weather comes, before long they will begin the popular festivals in many localities of the Iberian peninsula, thousands and thousands of animals will be utilized so that the sadistic same old they enjoy with their suffering and death.