¿You need a good friend?

The nights are very hard for these small puppies, have closed the shelter and need a good friend who helps contact them: Mónica, 629-27-82-38


ilegalizaciónWe must begin to change putas laws with respect to the consumption of Cannabis, we think that, as beginning must regularize some repressive norms towards which it wants to consume.
The Legalization is the only solution to the real problem that produces drugs.

If you agree, signs:: Ley Corcuera



Hello friends

We can confirm our return. As I told, during the first months of the year, we should decide if the rehearsals worked well or not. The reality is that we were very excited with the return, the relationship between us is very good and all is running.
We are preparing 12 new songs for our 7th album and we`re very excited with the new compositions. There will be a little bit of everything as ever with our way to write songs, diversity.

No Pascua Lama

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