2 new musicians and an actor (three friends) will accompany us throughout this tour

Iván Guevo
Already a member of the Ska-p team, to assist Luismi for years, this time he climbs to the battery to supply Luismi until he recovers from the heart attack. He is a great musician, but above all a great friend and person.

Juanan Rivas
He was also playing with us when Txikitín fucked his arm. He is a trumpeter, violinist and choirs, he is a phenomenon and a great guy.

Eloi Yebra
Actor already known in the world of Spanish cinema, came to interpret the Borbon in the video clip of “Jaque al Rey” and has stayed for the entire tour. He has fit perfectly in Ska-p and he is also a great person.

Welcome to our train !!

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