Important Message from LUISMI

Hello dear family SKA-P.

In this brief writing I want to tell you what has recently happened to me.

Everyone knows that we are preparing what will be the band's new album.

We have been working these months to try to do things as well as possible and that both you and us, we can enjoy once more each time we listen to the new songs, and at the same time reach those messages that awaken the soul and the awareness. I can assure you that this is the way the magic of SKA-P is working again 100% (it is my humble opinion).

Why is this written ?? ... because I had a cardiovascular problem last April 6, I suffered a heart attack, ... yes, so as I tell it, my heart was about to stop working and with it my person to stop being here with all of you, with whom I live in my day to day and with whom I will never get to know personally, but in some way we are connected, everything and everything is connected, ... ........ everything and everyone is one.

Life has wanted to give me an extension and for now I will be here for a while, ..... whatever it may be, I will try to be worthy of it and share it with all of you.

What happens with the recording of the album ...?, Because it is practically not going to notice my absence, that I wish to be as brief as possible, my great friend and with capital words I allow myself to call him BROTHER, Ivan Pozuelo "Güevo ", is taking my place in these difficult times and uncertainty for me and my dear companions. He finished doing the work that was left to do to have the songs prepared for the recording and recorded it with the great professionalism that characterizes him and with all the love that fits in that great heart, I know few people who gather so many values and qualities like those that accompany him. He is a great artist and a wonderful person, ... a being of light who is always grateful to be near.

The batteries are recorded and it has been a great job that has been done by everyone, the great Ivan who with his great effort has managed to meet the dates set, Tony Lopez our producer and friend, Julio my favorite bassist and partner from early age, Kogote that continues to prove that he is unique in his work, Joxemi that maturity is making him great, PulPul, which became a Master for me, Gary and Txikitín since his arrival everything went to more, .......... and the rest of the people that make up this great human team.

I want to tell you that at all times I have felt the unconditional support of my colleagues, which is appreciated and helps when something like what has happened to me, which is neither good nor bad, is simply, comes to our life.

I am very grateful.

As you know, the tour will begin in August and my greatest desire is to be recovered by then, the medical prognosis in these cases is somewhat uncertain but I trust that everything will go well and this strong heart will recover.

I could not finish this letter without heartily thanking all the support received in this time to the friends and the wonderful family that life has wanted to give me, to my partner Marimar who, in the face of adversity, does not falter and especially my children Raissa, Erik and the little Mario who in one way or another all this is not easy for them either. I give thanks to continue enjoying them.

Everything will be fine, I want it and it will be like that, .............. the Universe likes to dance, we dance with it.

A hug from your friend Luismi.

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