Keep the party going!!

3 August, 2019 Webmaster 0

Despite the surgical intervention last Tuesday, July 30, to which pul pul was subjected by the Achilles tendon, the festival of Chien à Plumes in […]

The Schrödinger cat

15 May, 2019 Webmaster 0

We want to mention the Youtube channel of our friends Rocío and Nacho, The Schrödinger cat, in which they help to uncover the lies and […]

Tour at Latin America

23 April, 2019 Webmaster 5

We just wanted to thank all those who have attended the concerts in Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina (Buenos Aires and Córdoba) and Mexico. Although […]

Thanks Marinaleda!!

14 December, 2018 Webmaster 0

On the 8th of December we were welcomed by the neighborhoods of Marinaleda and thousands of friends in the festival against repression organized by the […]