“Everything has a beginning and an end”

Everything in the Universe is in constant motion, constantly changing … the life.

The Life takes you places, it brings you things and people … and everything is always as it should be, everything is perfect.

Back in 1999 Ska-p came into my life, and brought me abundance in every way, material, emotional, professional … many experiences and learnings. Now in 2021, it is time to let go, to let go so that the new that is yet to come has a place in my life.

There have been many years in which I have had the opportunity to live from what has always been my passion, playing the drums … I was never disciplined in the study and training but despite this the Universe was generous and allowed me to live off it and with it.

I am very grateful to my fellow musicians, my fellow technicians … to all of you for having given me so much, Ska-p without you would not be what it is.

I have felt a lot of affection wherever I went, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Chile, etc … so up to almost thirty different lands and cultures. It is very enriching for the person, for me, having been able to give and receive so much … it has been a lot. I will always be grateful for it.

From a time to this part I discovered that we are much more than a physical body, we are energy, we are vibration and from now on I am going to delve into it, I want to use music, sound, from a therapeutic vision for the body and for the soul . So I have decided and so I am doing. It is the moment for it, the earth and its inhabitants are in a process of unprecedented change.

I want to participate in that change, try to help, accompany, anyone who wants it, and so I can help myself too. My health is good, but limited, my site is now in a different place than Ska-p, for that reason I say goodbye to all of you with as much love as the one you gave me.

Eternally grateful, your “Eternal Apprentice”…. Luismi.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can find me on Facebook as Luis Miguel Planelló, and on Instagram as Vibrasanalma. It will be a pleasure to continue having contact with you.❤️🙏

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