I was born in Pamplona May 25, l969 although I grew up in a village called Larraga, at the age of 11 I had in my hands a tape of The Beatles, since then I began to listen music at all the time. I began to listen the radio, also, some friends lend me some records and I don’t exactly when but one day I saw the Ramones playing on the TV, (I believe it was in a show called Mucal Express). That event changed my way to perceive the music. Almost by that time I discovered the Six Pistols, The Clash, Dead Kennedys and from there on nothing will be the same for me. I was 13, not the football, neither boys games was meaningful for my, for me only punk rock, the rest fairy tale. Then my musical horizon where widened when I discovered the ska, afterward they came all of them: The Bad Manners, The Specials, The beat. I busted the musicians of the dancing bands asking them to teach me how to play ska. I think they fed of with me for a while.

Living in a small village it is hard to keep up to date with music, so the magazines, the catalog by mail, and the bat bi hiru of the newspaper Egin were the means by which we knew that the music was made not only en England and America. There were La polla, Kortatu, Los Cika, Potato, and Baldin Bada in Euskadi, and Decibelios en Barna. I went to listen to them quite often in auto-stop and occasionally I will engage some of my village to give me a ride. One day we get together and we decided to form a ska band called Virus Rebelión. We really had fun. After a few years we did a record called Skalerriapunk (1986). We played a lot for free so we did not make a lot of money, ultimately we disband.

keep playing and by 1990 we form another band in the village called Descarga. This band was more rok oriented, we got inspired by the Ramones, Sham 68, and even AC/DC among many others. In 1992 because of work related causes I left my village, my friends, and my family and all that until then were my world.

moved to Madrid and two years after we started a hardcore-metal band called Seth. After playing for two years through the pubs in Madrid the band dissolves. I went to see Rancid playing in the Elefante Balnco (Victoria) and when I was leaving I though, my good, what the fuck I was doing all these years away from the ska and the punk. When I went back to rehearsal place I saw a flayer looking for a guitar player for a ska-rock band. I showed up to the addiction with a couple of bottles of patxaran and I convinced them I was the men they need. I became part of the band and a few months after we recorded Vals del Obrero, after that everything is story.

Now my favorite bands are The Clash, Ramones, The Who, The Business , Sex Pistols, The Pogues, Dead Kennedys, the Damned, Specials, Desmond Dekker, and just to say some how the“new” Rancid, Myghty Mygthy Bosstones, U.S. Bombs, Dropkick Murphys, Persiana Jones, Ruda salska, and so on.

Lately I am touring with an alternatives band that I created with Micky (ex-singer of the italians B.D.P). The music is kind of Punkrock,rock´n´roll,Oi! and Hardcore. A mixture of all our influences.
It wanted every certain time to add to things and anecdotas to this part of “nuestra” Web, little by little ire writing, the sensations and memories that I have of all those concerts that we have done from our beginnings, when we touched of teloneros, or ibamos all accumulated in furgona (good weathers, although something durillos) to arrange the musica with the work are something jodido, and that knows all those to it that have tried to make a group. But tubimos we luck, and now have gotten to touch in the unsuspected sites but in front of thousand and thousand of people, some paises have something make that their public is but, cañero, warm up, crazy person, and fanatic, clear this they know Chile, Mexico, Argentina to it, do that demas is its side paises are as meetings of monjitas. but is asi although some are bothered. In Europe people we are but calm in general, but you can touch but calm without knowledge that wrath the light, or that habra that to leave running at the end of the concert by any thing. In aim that I have many histories that to count, like member of SKA-P and which ire counting…. like? that when? good, good for waiting for a little that I must be writing…. until soon.