Hi, my name is Julio, I was born on May 17 of 1972.

I began to play bass at the age of sixteen. I was on my own living with some pals, one afternoon while listening the music of BLACK SABBATH I got so impressed by the amazing sound of the bass that I took the decision to buy one. Back then my neighbor was always packed with musicians and bands. One day one of them, a friend of mine, decided to sell me one old bass, so I bough it. WHAT A GREAT MOMENT!!!

I began to play in home, first without an amp, then I saved some money and bought the amp. Afterward I get together with some pals that I knew they love to play. I played at home all day long, I love to play songs of other bands and it was how I learned to play the bass.

Years later I met the members who today form SKA-P and we created the band.