I was born in Madrid, in April 1972, specifically in the neighborhood of La Latina, I grew up in Carabanchel but part of my childhood and adolescence I spent with my cousins ​​in Vallekas.

Since I was very small I used to listen to music, but it was when I was twelve years old that I began to discover it, to pay more attention to it and to feel it in a different way. Besides listening to her, I needed to create and touch her. That was the motivation I had to take the first instrument I found in my house, it happened that it was an old keyboard that my father had for years, with which I played my first notes and learned to play my first songs.

Already in high school, studying electronics, I met those who would be the components of my first attempt to do a training, we played Rock “N” Roll, but the inexperience and our youth made that project last only six months.

Shortly after I joined a band called Akropolis (1988), Heavy Metal, we won the first prize in a contest organized by the Amusement Park of Madrid (1989). We were playing a while longer but that did not work either.

The singer and I decided to create Out of Place (1990), it was then and for the first time when, thanks to the Association of Musicians of Hortaleza, I entered a studio professionally (previously I had already recorded a model with Akropolis). That project also did not come to fruition and after several changes in the formation I decided to temporarily abandon the music.

I spent two years working as a gas station erector until I raised enough money to buy my first professional keyboard. That’s when my wedding and banquet season began in homes and hotels. I ended up so fed up with so much etiquette that I decided to quit.

During this period, in addition to working in different workshops, I continued to play and collaborate with several bands from Heavy, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap … always with protest bands whatever their style.

Soon, and I’m talking about the year 1993, was when I received my cousin’s call telling me that he had seen an ad in a rehearsal room where they needed a keyboardist and I went to see what kind of music they did, it was a group of rock and although at that time Ska-p still did not exist, that was the initial formation that the band had for the first time. I would like to thank all the groups and musicians with whom I have played, I have listened and I have learned, in special to my father who was the first to teach me to give my first note, to David, Jose and Rafa from Akropolis, Manolo (Out of Place), Miguel Angel Collado, Tony Lopez, Angel Luis Samos, Marco Rasa and a long etcetera They have been and are my teachers and friends.
I do not want to forget about Pulpul since he has not only expanded my musical knowledge, but he has made me see and inform me more clearly of the injustices of our scum planet.
Thank you all for your support and struggle …. Until the victory always …


Alberto J. Amado ( Kogote)

I am writing these words with a huge smile in my mouth, I have been told to tell you something about the return of Ska-p and I can only say that I am very, very excited, again, in a very short time I will go back up to the stages with my classmates to play the themes of my band, SKA-P.
I know that you have never forgotten us, that you will be there, thank you very much friends and friends. I love you.