Hi, I’m Luismi.
Since I was little I was attracted to music and I could enjoy it since my parents brought it to me by giving me several instruments and giving me the facilities to develop this hobby (I will always appreciate it). When I was running the year 1985, enjoying my vacation in a small village from Cuenca called Cuevas de Velasco, I decided that during the winter I would learn to play the guitar because I spent the whole summer listening to my great friend Dani (Málaga) playing it.
When I arrived in Madrid, my hometown, with a little money that I had managed to save by working in a metallurgy workshop, I bought an electric guitar, an imitation of the Fender Stratocaster, and shortly after I found myself playing it in a group that had in my neighborhood (Orcasitas), called Droberan (rock), with which I enjoyed music and a beautiful social life.

Why did I stop playing the guitar and started playing the drums? … It turns out that the boy who played with us decided to leave the band and I thought it was great to play it myself. Said and done.
The only problem was that I did not have an instrument, but in the end I managed to raise enough money to buy what would be my passport to freedom.
The drums gave me the freedom to improvise, which I could not do with the guitar because I did not have much time to practice. I do not know where he got time to work, study and enjoy life so intensely. From then on I never stop playing with groups.

I like to have a place to spend the afternoon playing and enjoying my friends. Later I played with Camelot (heavy), Yugular (they kicked me out soon), with other formations that did not have a name, with Así (where I started playing with my great friend Julitros), La Hermandad (rock), Línea Directa (poprock) ), Wild Waters (folkrock), Soul Naciente (soul), Walkin Quintet (jazz), Big Black Mariach (garage), with my great friends Tijuana Stars (rhythm and blues), we won the contest of Hebe (Vallekas) and recorded a great live album, Sonotones (rock to the Enemies) with which to record piece of album “Atale”, along with Marco the brother of Julitros, Vancouver (powerpop), Executors (rhythm and blues), Los Milicianos (punkrock), Sober (Rock to the Tool) with which to record another piece of disc “Morphology”, Habeas Corpus (hip-hop rock), and sharing stages with great musicians in the Jam Session that there is in a city the Jam Session that there is in a city like Madrid.

I have never paid money to learn to play, I have been self-taught, but I have had the good fortune to have great drummers like Jose L.Galicia (Gali), who left us this year after a hard illness leaving a little of his essence in each of the people that we had the luck, I repeat, to meet you, Victor Monje (son), etc.

What life has shown me as a musician is that you always have to make an effort for the things we love. If you believe in something you must seek it with the heart, and carry it to the end of its consequences.

I hope that with these lines you know me a little more and tell you that here you have a friend.