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¡¡¡THANKS Catalonian! !!, Thousand thanks companions. 

Thus it is, people, the ILP has succeeded of spectacular form, the bullfights will remain for a memory of blood and gall of a Spain barbaric and inhuman, no longer there will be but bloody spectacles inside the bull square  from the 2,012, you have obtained it.  THOUSAND THANKS TO ALL THE ONES THAT you HAVE MOVED THE BUM. 

Already you see that nothing is an untouchable, Catalonia has reacted, now touches us to the remainder, ¡we are going to finish with this bloody tradition immediately for all and not only in Catalonia, in the entire world. 

gràcies catalans !!!!

[Nº 270] 2010/07/21call of the Greek workersSocial Issue

Trabajadores Griegos CALLING we direct Us to:  


The working class of the European countries All the militant unions of Europe All the combative European union



Dear Partners ,


We send the resolution-calling that approved in the day of today, Tuesday 29 of June 2010, all the workers of

Athens during the great rally that carried out PAIR, with the occasion of the general strike, set against the

Greek parliament.  


We, the thousands and thousands of athenian demonstrators, we declare once more than we are completely against

the barbaric measures anti-jobs, that is taking the social democratic government.  Some measures that are

ousting of root the achievements and conquests, of many years, in way of the great monopolistic capital.  


We continue firmly our class-conscious fight, supporting the objectives of the movement union snob of our

country, represented by the Militant Front of all the workers, PAME.  A front that agglutinates in its rows

thousands of workers through hundreds of union organizations of first and second degree.  


In this period the workers of various European countries are fighting against the politics of their respective governments.  We express our support and solidarity.  Of all these fights, small

and large, we can jump to some conclusions:  


The working class in all the European countries is confronting itself with a well elaborate, unique strategy,

on the part of the monopolistic capital.  A strategy that does not only have as an objective to discharge all

the consequences of the economic crisis in the backs of the working class, but to guarantee above all the

profit value of the long-term capital, with the elimination of any labor right and the increase of the degree

of exploitation.  We are witnesses of the wildest aggression coordinated to European level, and at the same

time of the most ferocious fight than he carries out each capitalist country to guarantee for if same the part

of the lion.  A competition that will bring new calamities for all the towns.  


The governments, they be neoliberal or social democratic, are implementing the same cruel measures.  They are

representing the same interests.  


Achievements and fundamental rights, conquered through hard fights, with blood and sacrifices, they are being

removed with the pretext of "the exit of the crisis", a crisis generated by the capitalist anarchy and the on

accumulation of profits.  A deep crisis, that shows the historic limits of the capitalism one, a system that

is rotting and generates to massive scale the unemployment, the poverty, the war, the repression.  


It is being verified that the EU is a Union of Capitalists.  A Union that next to the IMF and the United

States, next to the governments they consist a coalition for the looting of the towns, in favor of the



The CES is verifying continuously that is not an union organization, but a page greater bureaucrat, that in

fact supports the strategies of the EU.  The responsibility of these forces is immense, because are these that

have disarmed the workers" movement adopting the politics of reconciliation with the capital, the politics of

the contribution among classes, the submission.  



Dear Partners,


Set against this situation, the need nowadays, of a coordination of all the militant unions to European level

and of all the European workers is a fundamental PRIORITY.  


Nowadays, more than yesterday, we need:  


Internationalism and Working Solidarity Militant Union Coordination class-conscious Fights in common, with

common objectives


In all the countries of the UE in every Europe


The cave-ins in the System of social security, the labor relations, the Public Health, the Education, the

privatizations in all the sectors, the massive unemployment, the cut of salaries and pensions, are not

temporary, but permanent measures.  Through these cave-ins the capital tries to fortify the same capitalist

system, condemning to vast sectors of workers to the unemployment and the poverty.  Women, young and

adolescents are going to pay dearly.  


Workers of Europe,


We cannot expect more!  We have to coordinate our efforts!  


We, the Greeks, industrious, unemployed, immigrant, women, young and retired, we express our solidarity to the

workers of Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Rumania, France, the workers of all the countries, that protest in

the streets.  


We express our internationalism to all the European workers, that surpass -leave behind- the directions union

conformists and bureaucrats and they open step with honest, militant, new unions, that organize ours



The objective of these fights should be the refusal of these measures anti labor.  That themselves not these

politics be implemented.  


We should require measures that satisfy the current needs of the popular families.  


We should help that the working class in Europe understand that our future is not the capitalism one.  


Ourselves fight so that stop the exploitation of the man by the man.  


PAIR will continue its efforts for the coordination of our forces, for fights in common.  We propose an

encounter in Athens or in another European country soon.  


Athens 29 of June 2010 Constitution Square .

Without comments in the message
[Nº 147] 2010/06/23Solidarity with the antifascist Russians murderedSocial Issue

On the 24 of the past month of May they were two the attacks perpetrated on the part of fascist groups in the cities of Riazán and of Moscow. That ill-fated day, the names of Dmitry Kashitsyn and of Kostya Lunkin became a part of the increasingly more extensive list of victims of the fascism in Russia, that grows day after day with the complicity of the security Forces of the Russian State. In the city of Riazán, the antifascist youth Kostya Lunkin, 25-year-old, was assaulted to the doors of its own house the same day of its birthday. The numerical superiority of its assailants impeded him to repel the aggression and was a victim of a hard beating that finished fracturing him the skull, due to which he entered state of coma of the one that never he would come to awake. Pass away seven days later on account of its injuries. Despite that two "" supposed"" participating of the murder were persons under arrest and recognized by the witnesses of the aggression, were positions at liberty the next day. On the other hand, Dmitry Kashitsyn, of 27 years, and their group of friends, they celebrated that same day 24 the birthday of one of them to the northwest of the city of Moscow. Without subject to notice, a group of some 40 Fascists, armed with guns of blank and knives, they attacked to the small group that still continued in the celebration. Said clash was settled with the death of Dmitry, that passed away before the Police was witnessed and the sanitary services. After a few days, also its father pass away due to a heart attack. He is a matter of two new murders in a country where the aggressions of racist character against immigrants, antifascist militants, youths of determined esthetics or indigent are increasingly more recurrent. Only in the period that occupies since the year 2003 to the 2008, they were murdered more than 300 people by hand of these groups, being in very few detained occasions the participants in these facts. The Russian Police has shown of clear form their complicity toward these groups extreme right-wingers, that act with practical impunity, organized in paramilitary structures that include military training and armament. These infamous facts, occurred in the bowels of the country that was the main maker of the rout of the Nazi-fascism during World War Two, they do that be more fundamental than never recover the spirit of May 9, Day of the Victory. The names of Dmitry and of Kostya they have passed to be next to the of those that in the past they gave their life fighting against the Germany Hitlerian, and also next to those of Alexander Rukhin, Alexey Krylov, Stanislav Markelov, Anastasia Baburova, Iván Khutorskoy, together to that of our companion Carlos Palomino, and together to that of other so many people that were victims of the bloodthirsty fascism. That their names are never forgot! DMITRY, BROTHER, NOSOTR@S do NOT we FORGET KOSTYA, BROTHER, NOSOTR@S do NOT we FORGET They will not pass. Madrid, June 18, 2010 ANTIFASCIST ORGANIZER OF MADRID Ska-p adds to this communiqué and we make public our but energetic condemnation to the fascism, come of where come. Other actions in solidarity with the antifascist Russians murdered: Antifascist organizer of Madrid

[Nº 145] 2010/04/30The German government is mistakenSocial Issue

In Lithuania, a law prohíbe to speak publicly on the homosexuality. In France, there is denounce of bad deals to foreign people on the part of the police. In the Czech Republic, the children and girls gypsies have to go to schools for people with disability. In the United Kingdom, the antiterrorist fight is discriminatory with Moslem people that, from time to time, are persons under arrest illegally. All that happens in Europe, where millions of people are insulted, attacked and marginalized only by its appearance, religion, sexual identity or of kind. The European Union is discussing a Board of directors that would help to put an end to all those forms of discrimination, but the German Government is opposed. You join with our campaign so that the German Government have a change of mind and support the Board of directors. So that all the people in Europe we can enjoy the same rights. Join with this petition, click here. With your aid, we can achieve it. We count with you? Esteban Beltrán Director Amnesty International Spain

[Nº 311] 2010/02/07Conferencia mundial de los pueblos sobre el cambio climáticoSocial Issue
madre-tierra.jpgEvo llama a Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climatico y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra
El gobierno del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia convoca a los pueblos y movimientos sociales y defensores de la madre tierra del mundo, e invita a los cientificos, academicos, juristas y gobiernos que quieren trabajar con sus pueblos a la Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climatico y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra a realizarse del 20 al 22 de abril del 2010 en la ciudad de Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climatico y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra Cochabamba, Bolivia 19 al 22 de Abril 2010 - Convocatoria:
Considerando que el cambio climatico representa una real amenaza para la existencia de la humanidad, de los seres vivos y de nuestra Madre Tierra como hoy la conocemos;Constatando el grave peligro que existe para islas, zonas costeras, glaciares de los Himalayas, los Andes y las montañas del mundo, los polos de la Tierra, regiones calurosas como el Africa, fuentes de agua, poblaciones afectadas por desastres naturales crecientes, plantas y animales, y ecosistemas en general;
Evidenciando que los mas afectados por el cambio climatico seran las mas pobres del planeta que veran destruidos sus hogares, sus fuentes de sobrevivencia y seran obligados a migrar y buscar refugio;Confirmando que el 75% de las emisiones historicas de gases de efecto invernadero se originaron en los paises irracionalmente industrializados del norte;
Constatando que el cambio climatico es producto del sistema capitalista;
Lamentando el fracaso de la Conferencia de Copenhagen por responsabilidad de los paises llamados "desarrollados" que no quieren reconocer la deuda climatica que tienen con los paises en vias de desarrollo, las futuras generaciones y la Madre Tierra;
Afirmando que para garantizar el pleno cumplimiento de los derechos humanos en el siglo XXI es necesario reconocer y respetar los derechos de la Madre Tierra;
Reafirmando la necesidad de luchar por la justicia climatica;
Reconociendo la necesidad de asumir acciones urgentes para evitar mayores daños y sufrimientos a la humanidad, la Madre Tierra y restablecer la armonia con la naturaleza;
Seguros de que los pueblos del mundo, guiados por los principios de solidaridad, justicia y respeto por la vida, seran capaces de salvar a la humanidad y a la Madre Tierra; y Celebrando el dia Internacional de la Madre Tierra, El gobierno del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia convoca a los pueblos y movimientos sociales y defensores de la madre tierra del mundo, e invita a los cientificos, academicos, juristas y gobiernos que quieren trabajar con sus pueblos a la Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climatico y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra a realizarse del 20 al 22 de abril del 2010 en la ciudad de Cochabamba, Bolivia.
La Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climatico y los Derechos de la Madre Tierra tiene por objetivos:
1) Analizar las causas estructurales y sistemicas que provocan el cambio climatico y proponer medidas de fondo que posibiliten el bienestar de toda la humanidad en armonia con la naturaleza.
2) Discutir y acordar el proyecto de Declaracion Universal de Derechos de la Madre Tierra.
3) Acordar las propuestas de nuevos compromisos para el Protocolo de Kioto, y para proyectos de Decisiones de la Convencion Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climatico que guiaran el accionar de los gobiernos comprometidos con la vida en las negociaciones de cambio climatico y en todos los escenarios de Naciones Unidas, respecto a:
a) deuda climatica, b) migrantes-refugiados del cambio climatico, c) reduccion de emisiones, d) adaptacion, e) transferencia de tecnologia, f) financiamiento, g) bosques y cambio climatico, h) vision compartida, i) pueblos indigenas, y j) otros
4) Trabajar en la organizacion del Referendum Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el cambio climatico.
5) Analizar y trazar un plan de accion para avanzar en la constitucion de un Tribunal de Justicia Climatica;
6) Definir las estrategias de accion y movilizacion en defensa de la vida frente al Cambio Climatico y por los Derechos de la Madre Tierra.
Bolivia, 5 de enero, 2010 - Evo Morales Ayma - Presidente del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
Las organizaciones y personalidades que desean sumarse, hacer suya y adherirse a la convocatoria deberan enviar un email a indicando su:
* Nombre / * Sigla (solo para organizaciones) / * Pais / * Correo electronico
[Nº 312] 2010/02/07World-wide conference on the climatic changeSocial Issue
madre-tierra.jpgConsidering that climate change represents a real threat to the existence of humanity, of living beings and our Mother Earth as we know it today;

Noting the serious danger that exists to islands, coastal areas, glaciers in the Himalayas, the Andes and mountains of the world, poles of the Earth, warm regions like Africa, water sources, populations affected by increasing natural disasters, plants and animals, and ecosystems in general;

Making clear that those most affected by climate change will be the poorest in the world who will see their homes and their sources of survival destroyed, and who will be forced to migrate and seek refuge;Confirming that 75% of historical emissions of greenhouse gases originated in the countries of the North that followed a path of irrational industrialization;

Noting that climate change is a product of the capitalist system;

Regretting the failure of the Copenhagen Conference caused by countries called “developed”, that fail to recognize the climate debt they have with developing countries, future generations and Mother Earth;

Affirming that in order to ensure the full fulfillment of human rights in the twenty-first century, it is necessary to recognize and respect Mother Earth’s rights;

Reaffirming the need to fight for climate justice;

Recognizing the need to take urgent actions to avoid further damage and suffering to humanity, Mother Earth and to restore harmony with nature;

Confident that the peoples of the world, guided by the principles of solidarity, justice and respect for life, will be able to save humanity and Mother Earth, and

Celebrating the International Day of Mother Earth,

The Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia calls on the peoples of the world, social movements and Mother Earth’s defenders, and invites scientists, academics, lawyers and governments that want to work with their citizens to the Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth’s Rights to be held from 20th to 22nd April 2010 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth’s Rights has as objectives:

1) To analyze the structural and systemic causes that drive climate change and to propose radical measures to ensure the well-being of all humanity in harmony with nature

2) To discuss and agree on the project of a Universal Declaration of Mother Earth Rights

3) To agree on proposals for new commitments to the Kyoto Protocol and projects for a COP Decision under the United Nations Framework for Climate Change that will guide future actions in those countries that are engaged with life during climate change negotiations and in all United Nations scenarios, related to:

- Climate debt
- Climate change migrants-refugees
- Emission reductions
- Adaptation
- Technology transfer
- Finance
- Forest and Climate Change
- Shared Vision
- Indigenous Peoples, and
- Others

4) To work on the organization of the Peoples’ World Referendum on Climate Change

5) To analyze and develop an action plan to advance the establishment of a Climate Justice Tribunal

6) To define strategies for action and mobilization to defend life from Climate Change and to defend Mother Earth’s Rights.

Bolivia, January 5th, 2010

Evo Morales Ayma
President of the
Plurinational State of Bolivia

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[Nº 148] 2009/10/20THAT IS THE CRIMEN SOLLICITATIONIS?Social Issue

They have been thousands and thousands of cases silenced by this decree. The attitude of the Vatican one before these cases has been the cover-up, many clergymen violators would be able to have been imprisoned after to have committed a violation, but these monsters were protected by their superiors and instead of stepping the jail they were changed of parish, by which they continued violating other creatures with impunity.

The current one Pope, Benedicto XVI, sends this report to all the diocese of the world and threat with the excommunication to all those that him comply not, the then cardinal Ratzinger, was a participant of the cover-up toward the violations of its religious colleagues. THE COVER-UP IS A CRIME.

We do not have anything against the people that happily continues a road toward a God, we respect him deeply, although him do not we understand. Please, to the ones that they have not seen the following documentary one, we ask them that they see it tranquilly and later they give us their opinion.


[Nº 302] 2009/08/25ZANON IS OF THE WORKERSSocial Issue
zanon1_0.jpgBeloved companions and companions.
For whom do not know that is Zanon, I will comment you, that Zanon is the alive image of the utopia done reality, is a factory of ceramics autogestion by the own workers, if, as see is not impossible, as many businessmen say and fuck politician .

Since here, companions of Zanon, Ska-p sends you a strong revolutionary hug, and with a great smile of happiness we desire you all the force and luck of the world. You are an example to continue for many workers, please do of your triumph a road toward the final change of this planet garbage.

Health and liberty!!


After 9 years of fight we manage to start the final expropriation of our factory. This road traveled through by the laborers and laborers of Zanon had not been possible without before to have started to the union bureaucracy our union representations
First in the year 1998 we recover our internal commission to fight against the dismissals, bad deals, humiliations and by conditions of security and hygien, against the cop functionality, by our salaries etc., but above all for establish a new form of work: the direct democracy in order then in the year 2000 to recover our union and to put it to the service the workers.

In these almost nine years has passed a lot of water under the bridge, we value deeply the support that have received in these years of fight. Since the community of Centennial, Neuquén, Plottier, etc., that at the end of the 2001 they approached with a package of noodles to the tents that we maintained during 5 months, to the internal of the unit n° 11 that is found to meters of the factory that during 3 days they donated their rations of food so that we can resist.
The Mothers of Plaza of May regional Neuquén, that since the first day they adopted us as their children and the streets next to us to the present time walk, resisting next to each one of us 5 eviction orders, repressions, threats. The companions and educational companions to TIE companions of the CTA Nqn. To the solidarity to national and international level of companions that never we knew and that knowing about our fight they sent us fund of strike to resist.
Also we learned to be supportive with other workers creating a Fund of permanent Strike, we prompt that the coordination is fundamental for the triumph of the working fights.- Since the miners of Murky River, Tankers of Them Wound, state and workers of factories of Nqn and Black River, Garrahan Subterranean, Aeronautic, Railway, to movements of idle workers of Tartagal and scores of factories recovered.-
Since a start we open the factory to the community, receiving to thousands of children and adults so that know our experience of fight.- we Consolidate the so much student working unit with the secondary youths as with the university companions that had and has its expression in the framework
agreement of contribution with the University.

We carry out musical festivals without police officers, with regional artists and national groups as The Lame one, Attaque 77, Bersuit Vergarabat, Lion Gieco, Raly Barrionuevo, Duet Coplanacus, among others, they supported our fight leaving their art and solidarity with the laborers and laborers of Zanon, expressed in the community of Neuquén.
Our fight always was based on the practice of the class struggle, identifying to the governments, the managements and the union bureaucracies as the enemy of the workers. This experience that build along these years and with enormous consensus that has our fight in the province, to national and international level did that we could twist the political will of the Provincial Government of the MPN, and they had that to prompt and to vote the government bill of expropriation.
We consider that this conquest that have achieved the assembly of the industrious class has an enormous value, that this government that today votes for the expropriation of Zanon low working management is the same one that murdered to Teresa Rodriguez, the same one that repressed us the laborers / you of Zanon at the end of the 2001 and wanted to oust us 5 times, the same one that executed and emptied the eye to Our companion ceramicist Pepe Alveal in the repression of the Neighborhood San Lorenzo, the same one that the companion murdered us Carlos Fuentealba and the same one that today speaks of social peace when in these moments of world economic crisis the businessmen and their governments declare us the war with dismissals, salaries of hunger, etc.
The schools and hospitals are emptied and of the only public work that speak is the construction of jails to enclose to ours young, while each day scores of families in fires of its precarious booths in them die you take. By this is that in spite of the enormous conquest that we have achieved, in a context of international economic crisis, starting them the expropriation to this government, what has an a lot greater value, since the working management of Zanon and the Union Ceramicists of Neuquén, we are convinced that our fight has not finished, because as since the first day we consider that the salvation is not individual but of the assembly of The hard-working class.
Companions and companions, to all and all the ones that of any way have been part, they have contributed their grain of sand: we share the happiness of this great step!! To the companions that still look at incredulous, such you see fearful, perhaps skeptical, we invite them to be part of this history that is not neither more neither less than to contribute a grain of sand in the transformation of the reality and to take up again the dream of ours 30 thousand companions: a company without operators neither exploite¡¡


Working laborers of Zanon-Union Ceramicists of Neuquén

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[Nº 301] 2009/08/24ZANON ES DEL PUEBLO, Felicidades compañer@s.Social Issue
zanon1_0.jpgQueridos compañeros y compañeras.

Para quien no sepáis que es Zanon, os comentaré, que Zanon es la viva imagen de la utopía hecha realidad, es una fábrica de cerámica autogestionada por los propios trabajadores, si, como veis no es imposible, como dicen muchos empresarios y politicuchos.

Desde acá, compañer@s de Zanon, Ska-p os manda un fuerte abrazo revolucionario, y con una gran sonrisa de felicidad os deseamos toda la fuerza y suerte del mundo. Sois un ejemplo a seguir para muchos trabajadores, por favor haced de vuestro triunfo un camino hacia el cambio definitivo de este planeta Eskoria.

Salud y libertad !!


Después de 9 años de lucha logramos arrancar la expropiación definitiva de nuestra fábrica.

Este camino recorrido por las obreras y obreros de Zanon no hubiese sido posible sin antes haberles arrancado a la burocracia sindical nuestras representaciones gremiales.

Primero en el año 1998 recuperamos nuestra comisión interna para luchar contra los despidos, malos tratos, humillaciones y por condiciones de seguridad e higiene, en contra de la poli funcionalidad, por nuestros salarios etc., pero sobre todo para instaurar una nueva forma de trabajo: la democracia directa para luego en el año 2000 recuperar nuestro sindicato y ponerlo al servicio los trabajadores.

En estos casi nueve años ha pasado mucha agua por debajo del puente, valoramos profundamente el apoyo que hemos recibido en estos años de lucha. Desde la comunidad de Centenario, Neuquén, Plottier, etc., que a fines del 2001 se acercaban con un paquete de fideos a las carpas que sostuvimos durante 5 meses, hasta los internos de la unidad n° 11 que se encuentra a metros de la fábrica que durante 3 días donaron sus raciones de comida para que podamos resistir.

Las Madres de Plaza de mayo regional Neuquén, que desde el primer día nos adoptaron como sus hijos y caminan las calles junto a nosotros hasta la actualidad, resistiendo junto a cada uno de nosotros 5 ordenes de desalojos, represiones, amenazas.

Los compañeros y compañeras docentes de ATEN compañeros de la CTA Nqn. Hasta la solidaridad a nivel nacional e internacional de compañeros que nunca conocimos y que sabiendo de nuestra lucha nos enviaban fondo de huelga para resistir.

También aprendimos a ser solidarios con otros trabajadores creando un Fondo de Huelga permanente, impulsamos que la coordinación es fundamental para el triunfo de las luchas obreras.- Desde los mineros de Río Turbio, Petroleros de Las Heras, estatales y trabajadores de fábricas de Nqn y Río Negro, Garrahan Subterráneas, Aeronáuticos, Ferroviarios, hasta movimientos de trabajadores desocupados de Tartagal y decenas de fábricas recuperadas.-

Desde un principio abrimos la fábrica a la comunidad, recibiendo a miles de niños y adultos para que conozcan nuestra experiencia de lucha.-

Consolidamos la unidad obrero estudiantil tanto con los jóvenes secundarios como con los compañeros universitarios que tuvo y tiene su expresión en el acuerdo marco de colaboración con la Universidad.

Realizamos festivales musicales sin policías, con artistas regionales y grupos nacionales como La Renga, Attaque 77, Bersuit Vergarabat, León Gieco, Raly Barrionuevo, Dúo Coplanacus, entre otras, se solidarizaron con nuestra lucha dejando su arte y solidaridad con las obreras y obreros de Zanon, plasmado en la comunidad de Neuquén.

Nuestra lucha siempre estuvo basada en la práctica de la lucha de clases, identificando a los gobiernos, las patronales y las burocracias sindicales como el enemigo de los trabajadores.

Esta experiencia que construímos a lo largo de estos años y con enorme consenso que tiene nuestra lucha en la provincia, a nivel nacional e internacional hizo que pudiéramos torcer la voluntad política del Gobierno Provincial del MPN, y tuvieran que impulsar y votar el proyecto de ley de expropiación.

Consideramos que esta conquista que hemos logrado el conjunto de la clase trabajadores tiene un valor enorme, que este gobierno que hoy vota por la expropiación de Zanon bajo gestión obrera es el mismo que asesinó a Teresa Rodríguez, el mismo que nos reprimió a las obreras / os de Zanon a fines del 2001 y nos quiso desalojar 5 veces, el mismo que fusiló y le vació el ojo a nuestro compañero ceramista Pepe Alveal en la represión del Barrio San Lorenzo , el mismo que nos asesinó al compañero Carlos Fuentealba y el mismo que hoy habla de paz social cuando en estos momentos de crisis económica mundial los empresarios y sus gobiernos nos declaran la guerra con despidos, salarios de hambre, tarifazos, etc.

Las escuelas y hospitales están vaciados y de la única obra pública que hablan es la construcción de cárceles para encerrar a nuestros jóvenes, mientras cada día mueren decenas de familias en incendios de sus precarias casillas en las tomas.

Por esto es que a pesar de la enorme conquista que hemos logrado, en un contexto de crisis económica internacional, arrancándoles la expropiación a este gobierno, lo que tiene un valor mucho mayor, desde la gestión obrera de Zanon y el Sindicato Ceramistas de Neuquén, estamos convencidos que nuestra lucha no ha terminado, por que como desde el primer día consideramos que la salvación no es individual sino del conjunto de la clase trabajadora.

Compañeros y compañeras, a todos y todas los que de alguna forma han sido parte, han aportado su grano de arena: compartamos la alegría de este gran paso!!

A los compañeros que todavía miran incrédulos, tal ves temerosos, tal vez escépticos, los invitamos a ser parte de esta historia que no es ni más ni menos de aportar un grano de arena en la transformación de la realidad y retomar el sueño de nuestros 30 mil compañeros : una sociedad sin explotadores ni explotados ¡¡


Obreras obreros de Zanon-Sindicato Ceramistas de Neuquén

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[Nº 331] 2008/09/09Benetton and its liesSocial Issue
Benetton is expelling the Mapuches Indians from its earth, you are not created its marketing of pie against racism, they act of the most racist form against this one indigenous town.
It enters here and it leaves your opinion:
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