Everyone calls me PULPUL, but my name is Roberto. I did not grow up in Vallekas like many people believe. I was born in Madrid and grew up in a very precarious neighborhood called BELMONTE, of which I have my best memories and my happiest experiences. We did not have a hard fucking, but my childhood I did not change it for anything, I had everything, the best family in the world, the best koleguillas and a scare neighbors, (well …, almost all.) In short, I had everything but money . However, I have a lot to thank Vallekas and his people, who are now my people. TO ALL MY KOLEGAS OF BELMONTE, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, I HOPE OF HEART THAT YOU ARE GOING ALL OF PUTA MADRE. My love for music began when I was about 12 years old, and I flirted with Leño as a dwarf, then came Barricada, LA POLLA, Kortatu etc … And I decided to learn to play an instrument. At first I asked my old man for a battery, but there was no pasta at home for those luxuries, and as I could I bought an electric guitar, a Talmus arrow heavier than death, but for me it was the fucking host, I passed playing the guitar all the fucking day, taking out themes from Leño de Eskorbuto and especially from LA POLLA RECORD. Later Pipi bought another guitar and together with the PONY, the GELETE and CARLOS, we started to compose some of our own songs and to destroy the workshop where Vicente, the old man from Pipi, cured us because the roof was shaved. When I was 17 or 18 April I was playing and singing in a group called EROTICA, formed by Carlos, Javi, Benja and me and the truth is that it went pretty well, we won 2 contests, “the villa of Vallekas” and “the contest of young musicians of linear city. “(A HUG TO CARLOS, BENJA AND JAVI). Later I went to sing in different groups, almost all of hard rock, and I was even a solo season, but if I’m frank, that did not convince me, I liked the Punk of La Polla, the combative ska of Kortatu, the realistic letters and of commitment that counted truths like fists, and that the great majority of the people was scandalized when listening. And finally Pakito, Toni, Kogote, Julio and I, we decided to form a combative ska band called SKA-P (by the way the name came to Pakito). I took to the rehearsal room two songs to play, one of them very important for the beginnings of the band “COMO UN RAYO”, a song dedicated to the rayista fans, Aquello de puta madre, first of all because we had a great time and Secondly, and more important, we believed it, we were not pretending.

In the workplace, I encountered a serious problem. I was 10 years old at Piscis System SL, a small heating and air conditioning installation company located in the Pilar neighborhood (of which I keep a good memory, because my bosses always treated me like a friend, and not like to a subordinate). And at the same time they began to leave performances, having to ask permission to play. Of course everything has its limit, and my bosses gave me an ultimatum, “or the work or music”, and honestly it cost me a lot to decide. I had at home my old widow who was waiting for a salary to live, but without the music my life would be a shit, so I decided to live, and I promised myself that my mother would not lack bread. I’ve been lucky I do what I like and I earn the beans with it. What else can you ask for in life? I will not continue telling what happened next, with regard to the group, because you can read it in the section of History of the group , but I would like to tell you something about my daily life. I love reading. Since I do not have many studies, because most of my life I have dedicated to work, a lot of time that I have I use it to delve into books, especially biographies, historical books, politicians and also novels, I think every book, Whatever it is, it always reveals something new to you, so no book should be discarded.

I am an antifascist to the core, I can never understand how with the help of force and weapons the least subjugate the majorities and subject them to unreason, turning societies into flocks of sheep. Logically there are many types of fascism, there are direct as the Franco or Hitler and there are very subtle as the “democratic”, which very subtly and through the media you brainwash and tell you what is right or what what is wrong, leading to conformism and indifference. It’s not that he does not believe in democracy. But I believe in a true democracy, in a participatory democracy, not in this shit that sells us the big company and the multinationals, that by giving you the opportunity to vote every four years to a political party (which does not represent the people, but to your own interests), you already believe yourself free. How naive! Big capital dominates us, and they know very well how to do it. They give you bulls, soccer, Big brother, triumph operation, a salary of misery so you can buy TV, they dictate how you should live, and you forget that the US continues bombing Iraq, Israel massacres the Palestinian people, every 4 seconds a child dies in this fucking world, the number of immigrants who die trying to escape from poverty (that we produce from Babylon), the millions of unemployed, genetically modified foods , the fucking wars, the empire of the church, the violation of human rights, the Kyoto treaty, the rights of animals, and it could go on for two years. In short, be yourself and think on your own. I do some time and thanks to the books I left the fold. I’m part of the system, I know, but I’m going to fight from within, because from outside the system you’re not going to get anything. INFORMATE AND FIGHT.

I am antiracist. I do not intend to waste time, as Unamuno said: Carlism (fascism), heals itself by reading and racism is cured by traveling. A person who believes himself superior to another because of the color of his skin, or has psychological problems or does not yet have a personality formed. Traveling has taught me, that there are sons of bitches everywhere and people of whores in them. The animalistic struggle, perhaps the most difficult of all, because we have been educated to use animals as simple objects that do not feel or suffer, and sell us the motorcycle, as with vivisection or experimentation with animals. In short, we live in a world in which money is above life, and I think it can be changed, starting with educating children in a libertarian way, teaching them to be supportive and free.

Well I think it’s okay to talk, be yourself and be happy, without forgetting that there are many people who suffer and is avoidable. Be happy mate.

I will continue writing later.

October 14, 2005. The farewell tour is over, and friends I am very, very sad even knowing that we can return whenever we want, I also know, that we had to stop a long time.
I hope to see you again in a few years, I’m going to miss you so much. A strong libertarian embrace.

September 26, 2008. What a joy !!, BACK, and the whole group. As of today we are rehearsing as beasts to prepare the tour that is coming, the new disc LÁGRIMAS Y JOZOS is recorded and on October 7 it will go on sale. See you on stage, peñita. I love you. Pulpul.

May 27, 2010. We continue with the tour this year, we have enough concerts to do, then, in 2011, we will stop again one time, one year, two, but I think this time We will be back with a new album and a new tour. Libertarian hugs.

May 8, 2014. As you know last year went on sale our last CD, 99%, right now we are starting the second year of tour, we still need about 40 concerts to finish. When this year ends, we will stop indefinitely, I hope it will be a few years, time will tell.