Very soon we entered the studio !!

Ya estamos aqui!!

Between the end of April and the beginning of May, Luismi will begin recording the batteries of what will be our eighth studio CD, we believe that it will be finished by the end of June, so we will have to wait a few months to listen to the first single.


  1. Good news! Don’t forget to spread the inclusive left-wing message in the rest of Europe. We are in need of it here in the North. Ah… Heck. Just Let us dance!

  2. Amazing news ! ! ! You are back at last…! Can’t wait to listen to the new material and see you again in Greece!! Much love and many greetings from Athens !

  3. New fan here in Canada. I discover SkaP from my Cuban friend when I was at his family house a year ago. Since then, I bough your records and lisent them for a year now non stop. In next november, I’ll go to a friend house in Bogota to see my new favorite band live and I’m sooooo excited. You guys are awesome

  4. Great news! Looking forward to the new songs!
    And hopefully also a concert in Austria on the next tour, Graz is waiting for you 😉
    My three year old daughter is a bit too young for the concert but she is going crazy when we listen to your music and she is jumping around pogo style when hearing her fav song “Ni Fu Ni Fa” 😀

  5. Ah, quelle bonne nouvelle!! cela nous manque, et le contenu politique et la musique! Vous êtes toujours attendus et les bienvenus en Suisse!

  6. Fwliz de que regrese ska p al escenario, han pasado años desde que visitaron Mexico, ya que andaran por America, porque no darce una vuelta por aqui :3

    Salud y libertad amigos de ska p los esperamos en Mexico con toda la resistencia

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